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Training Classes held at Loftus Recreation Centre since Feb 2005.

And there are no schedule changes during 2019.

Early morning Sunday weapons training in the park (6.30-7.30am) is running over summer and autumn, at the rear of Cottesloe Civic Centre, Cottesloe.

Iwama Ryu Aikido Australia

Traditional Aikido training

Iwama Ryu is the style of Aikido that was taught at the Iwama dojo by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba Sensei and passed on by Morihiro Saito Sensei, his student of 23 years.

Our classes include the combined study of empty handed defensive locking & pinning and throwing techniques (taijitsu) integrated with use of the traditional Japanese weapons Aiki-jo (staff) and Aiki-ken (sword) (bujitsu).

Head instructor is Peter Sceney. (visitors always welcome).

Classes held at the following times:

Sunday 6.30-7.30amWeapons class (Lake Monger Reserve)Summer only - All welcome
Sunday 12.30-1.30pmBasics open handed & weapons classAll welcome
Sunday 1.35-2.30pmOpen handed & weapons classAll welcome
Tuesday 7.00-7.50pmWeapons classRear-top multifunction roomAll welcome
Tuesday 8.00-9.00pmOpen handed class (open to members after 8 weeks training)
Friday 6.30-7.30pmOpen handed and weapons classAll welcome
Friday 7.35-8.30pmOpen handed and weapons classAll welcome
(Classes suitable for 11-60 yrs. Currently, no special children's classes available, but planning for a class in 2019 is underway.)

We train at

Loftus Recreation Centre
Cnr Loftus and Vincent st
Leederville, Perth, Western Australia

Just 3 km from the Perth CBD and 10 minutes walk from Leederville train station